Concurra posed a unique question: there are products for website analytics, heatmapping, click tracking, and A/B testing, but what happens when combine them all into one? Could we automatically make better, informed decisions about our websites and increase conversions? Concurra says yes.

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Concurra's brand features a beautiful stylized 'C' wrapped in slices of a pie chart to tie in Concurra's data-centric methodology. Lato was the typeface of choice featuring classical letterforms with a modern twist.

Math & Science icons including beakers, test tubes, equations, and microscopes are added to recall the mad scientist marketer creating hypotheses and conducting experiments.

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Public Website

Concurra's public website draws users to their product with clear headlines and calls to action. It boasts a full responsive and device independent experience with rich iconography and plenty of product visibility.

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Concurra Website Mobile Concurra Website

Web Application

Concurra's web application was a beast of an interface featuring a full A/B testing suite, analytics, session playback, and heatmapping.

Extensive planning went into delivering a full business-in-a-box including an administrative panel, credit card billing capabilities, and comprehensive user management.

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Concurra Web App
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